February 14, 2023

Borgic Custom Pumping Works with Puck Since 2012

Borgic Custom Pumping started in 2012 with a basic dragline operation. Borgic Custom Pumping has been working with Puck since the beginning of their operation. They now use three draglines and pump about 165-175 million gallons of manure a year. Neil Borgic, the owner of Borgic Custom Pumping, states that Puck equipment is far superior to anyone else’s equipment due to the fact that Puck utilizes their own equipment in the field themselves, and to customers that means a lot.

Neil Borgic Puck Equipment Testimonial
Borgic Custom Pumping Puck Equipment

Borgic also says another reason they do business with Puck is because they keep it simple, and for the operation that they run and what Borgic Pumping does simple is important. Borgic Custom Pumping is hard on their equipment and can “wear the heck out of it,” states Borgic. Through the hard work, Puck equipment has held its own, ensuring Borgic that they are getting high-quality equipment.

Borgic also has an appreciation for Puck service and tech support, as their questions have always been answered quickly about anything. Puck even taught the business how to rebuild a pump which saves them a lot of money. Puck also gives them advice on how to optimize their operation to make the most profit.

Borgic uses eight-inch Mainline to seven to six drags while pumping with a few dairies. The spend a lot of their time pumping around 2,200 to 3,000 gallons a minute. Manure equipment from Puck is not the only thing they appreciate and have found success in, but Puck’s Lightspeed has also been helping Borgic. At first, they did not realize all the features that Lightspeed offers such as mapping, layout sets, and analytics through Lightspeed.

Puck's Pump School has helped the Borgic team learn the basics but also the technical side of the business. They have even hosted a Pump School.

For more information on Puck equipment call (712) 655–9200. Or to listen to customer testimonials visit our YouTube page.