August 23, 2022

Field to Factory One Name Does It All: BullDog Hose & Armour Guard®!

Regardless of your agricultural or industrial vocation, BullDog’s Armour Guard® lay-flat hose could be the all-inclusive answer for your specific requirements when moving a variety of liquids – from water to slurries. In smaller diameters, this includes use as a heavy-duty washdown or plant utility hose.

What is Armour Guard?

With a unique nitrile/PVC material, Amour Guard® provides enhanced durability and abrasion resistance as compared to conventional rubber hose products. The ozone-resistant synthetic rubber liner and cover totally encase and protect the high-performance inner nylon reinforcement from the effects of abrasion, chemicals, and heat. With this, Armour Guard® also cleans easily and offers ease of maintenance.

What are the Armour Guard features?

Additionally, Armour Guard® features an all-synthetic, heavy-duty one-piece extruded through the weave construction. This allows the hose to expand under pressure and thus decreases friction loss — especially compared to conventional jacketed hose — while increasing flow.  Designed as a flexible discharge hose or supply line, Armour Guard® is available in a variety of sizes from 1.5-inch to a large diameter 6-inch configuration. This broad range of hose diameters allows multiple vocational applications for your unique needs.

Other key features of Armour Guard® include the following:

  • The heavy-duty special rib pattern enables exceptional abrasion and cut resistance.
  • With the nitrile-rubber cover, it eliminates additional weight issues caused by water pick-up with typical jacketed products.
  • The cover resists fuels, oils, and a wide range of chemicals for extreme durability as well as ease with cleaning.
  • No drying or racking is required which simplifies logistics and storing.
  • Best in class adhesion provides incredibly enhanced performance.
  • Exceptional heat resistance as exhibited in BS 6391 Hot Cube Test.
  • Peak performance in variety of scenarios with operating temperatures ranging from -36 degrees to +158 degrees F.
  • Manufactured in the USA at our Angier, North Carolina plant.

If you’re searching for a lay-flat hose to use with irrigation; dewatering; mining; industrial water transfer; and more, look no further than the Armour Guard®. 

Contact a sales team member today to learn how this superior hose can help your specific needs.