Puck Boat 4010 C Battleship in use on the water outside
November 29, 2019

Advantages of Having Proper Lagoon Agitation Equipment

Manning, IA (November 29, 2019) – From the lagoon to the field, many steps go into the application of nutrients in agricultural operations. While each process is critical to the success of your operation, it all hinges on the quality of the blended material. Without well-agitated manure, the consistency of nutrients won’t be as readily available during application. That’s why having lagoon agitators capable of effectively homogenizing the liquid manure is so important. In the end, it benefits both crops and the bottom line. 

Ideally, the job of an agitator is to suspend settled solids that rest on the lagoon bottom and break up the surface matter as well. A productive agitator should be capable of producing a moving flow of churning material by forcing a stream of liquid vertically down through the lagoon to get to the hardened layers. Without this sort of pressure, the liquid will never reach the base of the pond. 

Due to the large volume and size of some lagoons, traditional lagoon agitation units placed along the edge of a pond are not very efficient in moving solids at such a large scale. This older equipment usually keeps the mixture in suspension only 60 to 100 feet out. That’s where agitation boats, such as Puck’s 3067 and 4510 Agitation Boats, come into the picture. Since this equipment is specifically designed to move across an entire surface, it can create a more consistent nutrient mixture. Also, these systems help operations retain overall site storage capacity by reaching areas other equipment can’t. 

Better agitation creates valuable fertilizer that can be consistently applied throughout the field. Naturally, manure has many nutrients and organic materials that are excellent at building soil structure and growing a healthy crop. Enhanced biological activity and dirt structure can be witnessed within the first several years of proper manure application. Other benefits to the field include better water retention, leaching, and decreased run-off. When everything is applied correctly, yields thrive too.

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