Service & Support

We are ready to assist you with all your parts, repair and maintenance needs! Call our Direct Service Support line at 712.481.9097 to speak with a representative now.


Conveniently located in the heart of America with three shops in the midwest — two in Iowa and one in South Dakota. We also have an international branch in Croatia servicing production agriculture in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia. Wherever you’re located, we’re committed to providing our customers the highest-quality products, service, support and parts possible.

Manning, Iowa 51455

1110 100th St 712.655.9200 833.655.9200

Worthing, South Dakota 57077

47086 Pioneer Street 712.655.9202 833.655.9202

Farley, Iowa 52046

10166 Hartbecke Rd. Suite B Farley, IA 712.655.9203 833.655.9203

Puck Enterprises International Office

Vukovarska 229 C 31000 Osijek Croatia + 385 31 659 229

International Sales Manager

Darko Bilic + 385 97 638 0 115

Puck International D.O.O.

Puck Enterprises’ branch in Croatia services production agriculture throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia, providing sales, service, support and parts for Puck Equipment.

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Vision. Quality.Quality. Expertise. Dependability.

With over 40 years of liquid transfer experience, Puck Enterprises has continued to drive innovation. From our industry-leading pumping equipment and cutting-edge LightSpeed technology, to our custom application expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we take pride in all that we do.