Puck WH 7581 with LightSpeed technology and attached hoses at work in the field
April 8, 2018

3,500+ Gallons Per Minute!

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen some incredible results from our teams in the field! But, what is this about 3500+ gallons per minute?

For a dairy customer, we set up a PCE Application Team with a 550 hp prototype PCE Lead Pump Boat, two new PCE 6089 Boosters and 2 miles of 10 inch mainline hose.  After the final booster, they push through a length of 7 inch drag hose into a length of 6 inch drag hose to the applicator tractor.

They’ve been applying on smaller fields with a 35 ft. toolbar using Dietrich Shanks into pre-ripped soil.  Everyone is very happy with the success of applying 13 Million gallons in 8 days of work!

That's a lot of gallons per minute